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市面上的商品林林種種,如何從中挑選所謂的質感選物,靠的就是對物件的鑑賞力及其設計原意的理解。WANDER 雋永選物店,選物的標準簡樸無華,以歷久彌堅為訴求。目的不單純把商品銷售出去,更是在營造一個理想生活的原貌,對美感生活的實踐。從生活雜貨到衣裝飾物,我們的商品由經常出遊的主理人夫婦在異國旅途中物色。精選經典舊物同時推薦品質優良的現代製品,提倡新舊並存的理想和諧生活。

WANDER is a lifestyle store based out of Taiwan.

There are thousands of products on the market, how to choose the GOOD selection from it, depends on the appreciation of the object and its design intent. WANDER Select Shop, the selection criteria is simple and unpretentious, with long-lasting aspirations. The purpose is not simply to sell the goods, but also to create the original appearance of an ideal life and the practice of aesthetic life. From daily groceries to clothing ornaments, our products are found by couples who travel frequently on an exotic journey. Selected classics and vintage goods while recommending high-quality modern products, advocating the ideal and harmonious life of the new and old.

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